Airborne Software Development process

Planning phase

Project starts with the planning phase producing five fundamental certification plans (PSAC, SDP, SVP, SCMP, SQAP).

LICRIT’s planning package is based on the proven DO-178C templates. Project plans and processes can be tailored to use specific customer’s tools and environment, or to be fully independent and managed by LICRIT.

Defining the key areas

Key areas of the embedded software development that we can address are:

Development of bare-metal embedded software,
development of the embedded software and applications based on the real-time operating systems, development of board support packages for the micro controllers and complex hardware platforms, and reengineering legacy software when migration to a new platform or adherence to new certification requirements is needed.


Integrating standards such as ARP-4754, ARP-4761, DO-254, DO-178C, DO-330

As software development for the safety critical electronics needs to adhere to strict certification and qualification requirements, we base all our activities on the complete understanding of the complex requirements crucial for the optimal development path, cost, and the technical solution. Our avionics expertise and hands-on experience with development of safety critical electronics includes standards such as ARP-4754, ARP-4761, DO-254, DO-178C, DO-330 and more.